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Inspiring Children to Be More Self-Confident; Build Healthy Self-Esteem and be Happier

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Meet Kathleen Dimario

Kathy DiMario Is An Award-Winning

Author, Teacher, And Speaker Who Believes

If you believe you can, you will.

Kathy DiMario, CEO of Posha Books and Second Acts Career Services, author, speaker, and adjunct professor, specializing in motivational and educational workshops, based in Toms River, NJ.

Outstanding Academic Achievement and Counselor

Monmouth University Graduate School

Teaches Psychology Honor Courses at Ocean County College

Bestselling book won "Mom's Excellence Award" for best in family-friendly children's literature

Inducted into Ocean County Women's Hall of Fame Honored as "Woman Who Makes a Difference Award"

Recognized by N.J. Senate for " Being a beacon of light for future generations.

Member of the National Speakers Association

Speaking Demo

Kathy is the founder

AND CEO of Posha Books, LLC,
And Second Acts Career Services, LLC

Kathy is the founder and CEO of Posha Books, LLC, and Second Acts Career Services, LLC. Through her in-person, fun, and engaging presentations, Kathy has presented her "Think Pawsitively" workshop in over 200 schools reaching over 20,000 students and donating over $10,000 to school libraries. In addition, she has conducted hundreds of motivational, educational, and career workshops.

She is an adjunct professor at Ocean County College's School of Business and Human Services, teaching several psychology courses, including child psychology. In addition, as CEO of Second Acts Career Services, she specializes in resume writing, career transition, and social media, facilitating hundreds of motivational, educational, and career workshops.

Along with her daughter, Kelly DiMario, they are the published authors of the children's book "What Kind of Dog Am I?" based on Posha, Kelly's rescue dog. The book's mission is to teach children to value themselves like Posha values herself.

Kathy lives in Toms River, NJ, with her husband, Anthony, and her pyredoodle, Jodie, a therapy dog in training. Kathy loves reading and golf and is trying hard to master Mah Jongg.

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Posha's Pawsome Superpower Toolbox

A Fun, Interactive, Playful Way to Build Self-Esteem in Children.

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Talk Topics

Talk Topics

Thinking Pawsitively-Posha's Pawsome Superpower Toolkit

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Welcome to Posha's Think Pawsitive Workshops, where we are devoted to enhancing children's mental health and self-esteem. We employ a blend of Cognitive Psychology, Posha's "What Kind of Dog Am I" book, and Virginia Satir's self-esteem toolkit to empower young minds.

Through our engaging toolbox, we assist educators, parents, and counselors in challenging negative thinking and fostering self-confidence.

Our workshops, rooted in the Three Cs of Cognitive Psychology, help children recognize and manage thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, promoting emotional intelligence, positive thinking, a growth mindset, and resilience.

Posha's book guides kids through identity, emotions, and relationships, while Virginia Satir's toolkit aids in challenging negative thinking, building self-confidence, self-worth, and resilience.

At Posha's Think Pawsitive, we are committed to equipping children with resilience, emotional intelligence, and a strong self-image to promote their mental health and self-esteem. Join our workshops today for a holistic approach to support your child's well-being.

Contact us to learn more about the workshops and how to schedule one.

Posha's Feeling Good About Me-Presentation for students K-4th Grade

Kathy will present Posha's story in your school either in person or virtually. She will provide an activity centered on the importance of self-esteem and lead a discussion on her writing process.

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What They Say About Me

Kathleen, the work that you do is commendable and admirable. Thank you for being the hero to hundreds of children who read it.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Pulitzer Prize, Tony, Emmy and
Grammy-winning author and composer of Hamilton.

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Think Pawsitive, L.L.C.
1 Hadley Avenue
Toms River, NJ 08753




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